Late Stage Fluorination and its Applications to Drug Discovery

Prof. Véronique Gouverneur is a member of the Chemistry Faculty and was promoted to Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oxford in 2008. She leads a group of 10 postdoc fellows and 10 PhD students. She has mentored more than 30 Postdocs and supervised 35 PhD (= DPhil in Oxford) to completion. She is coordinator of the European ITN project (FP7XPEOPLEX2012XITN, 316882, 2012X2016), and is the (co)author of > 160 peer-review publications and 10 patents. Her research has been rewarded by numerous prizes and distinctions (2015 ACS Award for Creative work in Fluorine Chemistry and Tetrahedron Chair 2016).


Prof. Benjamin G. Davis is also a member of the Chemistry Faculty and was promoted Professor at the University of Oxford in 2005 where he leads a group including 14 Postdoc fellows and 20 PhD students. He has mentored >60 Postdocs and supervised 35 PhD students to completion. He is the (co)author of > 200 research papers and reviews and inventor on > 35 patents. His research work has been rewarded by numerous prizes and distinctions. He was elected FRS by the Royal Society (UK) in 2015. 

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Dr Andrés A. Trabanco joined the Neuroscience Medicinal Chemistry Team at Janssen in 2000 and in 2005 was promoted to the position of Medicinal Chemistry Team Leader. In 2008 he was appointed as head of the Neuroscience Hit Generation Team and since 2009. In 2014 he was promoted to Senior Principal Scientist. He has been chemistry team leader for several programs in the areas of schizophrenia, depression, anxiety and cognition/Alzheimer’s, which have delivered clinical candidates. Currently, he leads a group of 6 scientists, 2 postdocs and 4 students in two teams: the NS Hit Generation Team in Beerse (6) and the NS Med Chem Team in Toledo (6). Since 2009 he is coordinator of the NS external Chemistry Team monitoring the work of 33 scientists at 3 CROs (WuXi, Villapharma, NovAlix), and is the (co)author of > 50 peer-review publications and 42 patents. 


Dr Alexander Hoepping           hoepping@abx.de
Dr Marco Mueller                    marco.mueller@abx.de
Dr Rene Smith                       smits@abx.de

Invicro (Imanova centre for Imaging Science)

Dr Jan Passchier                     jan.passchier@imanova.co.uk


Dr Daniel Oehlrich                  doehlric@its.jnj.com


Prof Guy Bormans                  guy.bormans@kuleuven.be

Universitat Bern

Prof Jean-Louise Reymond      jean-louis.reymond@dcb.unibe.ch

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Tobi Arisa

Tobi Arisa completed his B.A Medicinal Chemistry degree in 2017 at Trinity College, Dublin. During the summer of his final year, Tobi carried out a research project focused on the synthesis of peptides using a novel ligation technique where I adopted a host of techniques. This project was supervised by Professor Eoin Scanlan. Additionally, working with the Scanlan group, Tobi was able to make considerable progress in his research project and synthesised compounds that are being used as part of a study on the role of lipoproteins of Pseudomonas aeruginosa on pathogenesis and disease. Tobi’s final year research project supervised by Professor Thorfinnur Gunnlaugsson of Trinity college Dublin was based on the Synthesis, Photophysical and Biological evaluation of 4-amino-1,8-naphthalimides based Tröger’s base as DNA targeting agents and potential anti-cancer agents. This project incorporated the use of 4-amino-1,8-naphthalimides based Tröger’s bases as probes, pH sensors and cytotoxic compounds in cells.


Sandrine Hell

Sandrine Hell completed her bachelor’s degree both at the Albert-Ludwigs University (Germany) and Haute-Alsace University (France). She was awarded both her master’s and chemical engineering degrees from the Haute-Alsace University (France) and the National Engineer school of Mulhouse (France). During the first year of her master’s degree, she collaborated with Prof Andrew Whiting (Durham University, UK), working on a project involving the synthesis of synthetic fluorescent retinoid derivatives for use in biological and imaging applications. For her masters thesis Sandrine has conducted work at the pharmaceutical company Galapagos (Paris), on the synthesis of new scaffolds and generation of libraries.


Claudio Meyer

Claudio Meyer was born in 1994 in Basel, Switzerland. He studied Chemistry at the University of Basel, where he obtained his BSc in 2016. He began his master studies in summer 2016 and then went on to join the research group of Prof. Matthias Wymann, working in collaboration with PIQUR Therapeutics on the synthesis of inhibitors of lipid kinases as anti-cancer agents.

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Tim A. Mollner

Tim is from North-Rhine-Westphalia in the West of Germany and completed his undergraduate studies at Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. He then graduated in 2017 with a First Class M.Sc. from the Technical University of Munich. For his Master’s thesis Tim visited the Helmholtz-Centre for Infection Research in Braunschweig, Germany, working on the synthesis of novel antibacterial Cystobactamide derivatives under the supervision of Prof Mark Brönstrup.


Giulia Roagna

Giulia Roagna completed her Master degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies in 2014 at the University of Turin, Italy. In the same year, she carried out an Industrial Placement in the Swedish start-up company Red Glead Discovery under the supervision of Dr. Johan Evenas.  During the past 2 years, she has been working at AstraZeneca Göteborg as part of their Innovative Medicine & Early Development graduate program. She has been focusing on the synthesis of small molecules for medicinal chemistry and peptide and conjugation chemistry. Since she joined the structure and biophysics team, Giulia has been developing novel screening paradigms employing surface plasmon resonance and single molecule microscopy. 

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Project Manager          

Manuja Kaluarachchi PhD        



Advisory Board

Professor Matteo Zanda              Dr Victor Pike                               Professor Günter Haufe     

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